Our eye cream is a multi-benefit cream enriched with active ingredients like retinol, peptides and more. Formulated with deep sea caviar and caffeine extract, our eye cream is alcohol-free and enriched with some vitamin C, which is great for eyesight and vision.

As simple as how it helps any pigmented areas and puffiness, some people have different techniques when it comes to how to apply eye cream properly. So we've created 7 easy steps on how you can use eye cream (and how) to help achieve a better, healthier, more youthful glow.

Step 1: Wash your face.

Before you apply anything on your face, let alone any part of your body, it is best to wash your face so that it's free from any dirt or particles building upon the skin. This helps with keeping the pores on your face open, without being too exposed, while easier for applying the penetration of the cream. It's like wearing clothes; before you put clothes on, you shower (or bathe) first and dress second. You don't shower in your clothes on; washing the face and any facial or body cream.

Step 2: Apply to damp skin.

Whenever the skin is already damp, that means that it is getting hydrated. This also means that any cream or moisturizer can create one of two things: provide more hydration on the skin, or just seal the hydration in the skin. For damp skin, it is easiest for any form of cream in small amounts to make it easier to absorb the cream into the pores of the skin. Eye creams, whether in small quantities, help bring more absorption to the skin. The reason for using small quantities or amounts of cream on the skin is because large portions of cream on the skin are only going to just sit on the skin, which really shows no visible progression on the skin even after prolonged use.

Step 3: Apply with your index/pointer finger.

Research states that the world's population is about 10-12% left-handed, with their left hand being their more dominant hand, with the rest obviously being right-handed. Whether you call it a pointer finger, index finger, or even your forefinger , that finger statistically has the largest amount of both dexterity and sensitivity. Like the little finger, the pointer finger has an extra muscle extensor, which helps with sticking out and showing more function capabilities. So, whether you are left or right-handed, it is best to first apply the cream to your pointer finger.

Step 4: Apply in the correct places.

Assuming that you are moving the skin around your eyes in a roundabout movement while applying your eye cream, then, at that point, you are treating it terribly. Eye creams ought not to be applied just where there are dark circles. Guarantee to likewise apply the cream over the eye region as it additionally needs saturating. You ought to anyway be cautious while applying eye creams around evening time. You would rather not wake with puffiness around the eye because of the item getting into the eye and aggravating it while you rest .

Stage 5: Pat and Penetrate.

Tapping your cream into the skin forestalls pointless skin pulling and guarantees even conveyance and full infiltration. Attempt to pat in your eye cream from the inward to the external corner of the eye. A few times, we might be in a rush and layer items without sitting tight for them to infiltrate. This is certainly not a brilliant move. We ought to stand by a couple of moments after applying any eye cream or facial cream prior to putting on cosmetics.

Stage 6: Apply twice daily.

Eye cream should be applied morning and night. Use a blue eye cream with caviar in the morning and a gold eye cream with retinol and peptides in the evening.

So, for the first part of the day, in addition to soaking the sensitive skin around the area, you're also eliminating puffiness, which is normal upon waking up. In the evening, your focus should be on cleansing and re-supporting skin with much-needed moisture after day after day of exposure to wind, sun, pollution and more. Doing it once is not enough, three times a day is too much; recall that the skin is delicate, so it is generally prudent how often you use eye cream (or anything else for that matter).

Step 7: Repeat.

Just repeat doing it for a while, and it is more than a one-time thing. In the morning, always make sure to apply the eye cream before you put any makeup on your face. At night, always apply the eye cream as the last thing you should do in your evening skincare routine. Make sure that carefully dab the eye cream around your eyes whether you are getting ready for the day or night to help get ready for more smooth and radiant skin.

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